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Krav Maga for Teens

The classes offered at Premier Martial Arts are taught by an exceptional team of qualified trainers, all supervised and led by certified Krav Maga for Teens instructor Ron Kuhn. The proven curriculum was designed to train each student to eventually become a skillful and capable Krav Maga practitioner. It includes all the fundamentals and advanced techniques of the official Krav Maga system, and students are rigorously tested to ensure effective learning and the ability to use them for self-defense. The training system utilized at Premier Martial Arts was purposefully crafted so that teenage students of any gender, background, skill level, and state of physical readiness may gradually become adept at using Krav Maga, should the need suddenly arise.

In our Krav Maga for Teens class, students safely and continually drill in life-like situations (albeit safe and controlled), but they also practice dealing with stresses and temptations that might occur on a daily basis. The classes at Premier Martial Arts offer more than just hand-to-hand combat and threat remediation however. Our Krav Maga for Teens class empowers students with self-control, self-confidence, and the ability to sharpen physical, mental, and emotional responses for a better quality of life.

Krav Maga for Teens students are provided all the tools necessary to develop and improve mastery over bodily functions such as flexibility, core strength, endurance, and more. The curriculum is fun and taught in a safe, positive, and high-energy environment that emphasizes practical application of Krav Maga skills that might one day save life and limb. Students dedicate themselves to perfecting the Krav Maga techniques by engaging in a reputable fitness routine that’s appropriate for martial artists of all skill levels. Here at Premier Martial Arts, we strive to help our students set goals and achieve “personal victories” in their training. It is easy to understand why so many parents enroll their teens to be trained by expert instructor Ron Kuhn at the Krav Maga facility in [sitecity].