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Ben Interviews Jr Black Belt Candidate Eli Eutsler

Ben Ferguson [00:00:02] Hi there, I’m Ben Ferguson, and today I’m interviewing Eli, how are you today? Great, how are you? I’m doing good. So do you want to start moving into your past a martial arts course? OK, so let’s let’s talk about your journey to where you are now. So you are in competition team, correct? Yes. OK, so what made you want to start competition team?


Eli Eutsler [00:00:27] What made you want to start? Yeah, I wanted to get advice from the judges and from our people at karate on how to improve in karate.


Ben Ferguson [00:00:39] Yeah, cool. So why are you on the leadership team then to my mom if you want to be on that.


Eli Eutsler [00:00:48] To learn to be a better person and to improve myself and others Golfweek.


Ben Ferguson [00:00:54] So why did you start Karati?


Eli Eutsler [00:00:59] One of the tools to make me a better person, help me personally, help me with other things outside of crime.


Ben Ferguson [00:01:10] OK, so. One thing when you were I was sober when you started, I know you’re very shy, so why do you think you were shy?


Eli Eutsler [00:01:23] I won’t talk to anyone. The reason I was shy is back then. I didn’t talk to that many people. That’s another reason why I started crying.


Ben Ferguson [00:01:32] So, yeah, exactly. I mean, it’s a good reason to start. And I mean, like, I will probably be like that, too. I mean, I knew people were all nervous around new people anyway, you know, so


Eli Eutsler [00:01:42] I just didn’t want an excuse to get outside. And he’s like, Yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:01:52] OK, so what do you do now and afterwards, like what do you enjoy now?


Eli Eutsler [00:01:58] I enjoy sparring with friends, talking. That’s actually where I just came from, with a friend from. Right. And I like competition is competition driven. Leadership is one of my favorite things to do. And my favorite thing of all, karate is probably push ups.


Ben Ferguson [00:02:24] Yeah, yeah. So what’s your favorite team that ran out of Blackbelt premiere, all those teams? What’s your favorite team to go to?


Eli Eutsler [00:02:35] The. Probably favorite team. Yeah. Probably competition. Yeah, what’s up?


Ben Ferguson [00:02:46] OK, so how is martial arts affecting your life, like your life outside of karate


Eli Eutsler [00:02:52] is important to me. A lot of it has given me a maybe a lot less size, maybe more control over people. It’s made me respect me and others more and is also spaceball. Yeah, I better has stances.


Ben Ferguson [00:03:15] Yeah, stances. OK, so what is your favorite stance then. So I do stuff of course.


Eli Eutsler [00:03:24] Dansby that was Konstanz in my codders. Yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:03:29] OK, now, President, you’re on you’re a black candidate, I know that. So what would you say the hardest part of a man’s classes


Eli Eutsler [00:03:40] or all these? Probably. I know I said push ups are my favorite, but they’re also probably the hardest one and push ups that aren’t.


Ben Ferguson [00:03:57] Yeah, that daily push ups and Murphy’s.


Eli Eutsler [00:03:59] Oh yeah. Yeah. Most Furbys. Oh, yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:04:06] So what is your least favorite thing about martial arts as a whole? What do you not like about it as a whole?


Eli Eutsler [00:04:18] I don’t know. Yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:04:22] I’ll tell you mine, one of mine, one of my least favorite things is probably sparring, I’m not a big fan of sparring


Eli Eutsler [00:04:29] along, sparring when I’m trying friends like sparring blackbelt. Let me ask you, though.


Ben Ferguson [00:04:38] Oh, yeah.


Eli Eutsler [00:04:39] Yeah, probably. I would actually say. Also, sparring was a scary example,


Ben Ferguson [00:04:53] and we already know your favorite thing of sparring, so long for that. So can you explain how première is a family?


Eli Eutsler [00:05:04] Permira is a family, is, you know, you will get to learn everyone there and you can outros outside of where pork. And make real bonds. That’s why I consider it a family. Yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:05:24] OK, so do you have any, like, funny stories from Garatti, like I give you a go,


Eli Eutsler [00:05:33] I turn it once was born in prison. I just mean them I. Well, for a roundhouse kick. I missed and I kicked my leg and I punched myself who thought I was the person and. I had the judges counted that as a point for me is I punched myself. And that is one of my favorite things about this.


Ben Ferguson [00:06:08] OK, so what’s your favorite cartoon to do during a tournament?


Eli Eutsler [00:06:13] Open hand or what?


Ben Ferguson [00:06:15] Yeah, oh, open Hatorah weapons through open hand, first


Eli Eutsler [00:06:21] night Hongzhi responses


Ben Ferguson [00:06:26] and I’ve seen your hand. You’re actually quite good at it. So what is your favorite weapons got to. Commas columns are fun,


Eli Eutsler [00:06:37] you always beat them.


Ben Ferguson [00:06:39] OK, so let’s move on to your future in martial arts. What are some of your goals for the future in martial arts?


Eli Eutsler [00:06:47] Not just black, the second degree black belt, one being able to do one hundred push ups so I can beat my friends, count on being run, being able to run two miles under 12 minutes. And being able to be more outgoing, still a little bit shy. Yeah, so why are those your goals? The reason why I want to not just apply for a second degree black belt is hopefully I’ll get my black belt is my short term goal. My long term goal is second degree.


Ben Ferguson [00:07:31] No good. OK, let’s move on to some things you like to do outside of martial arts, outside of their gym. So what’s your one favorite thing or what are some of your favorite things to do outside of the to baseball?


Eli Eutsler [00:07:47] Try out a horse stance into my face, baseball airsoft,


Ben Ferguson [00:07:53] yeah, airsoft is one,


Eli Eutsler [00:07:55] and he shot me a lot. You did a lot. Running, racing, not cross-country team and. Overall, soccer is also one of my favorites.


Ben Ferguson [00:08:16] So what is your favorite trait about yourself, like what is one of your favorite things about yourself?


Eli Eutsler [00:08:23] That. I. Fast, fast times.


Ben Ferguson [00:08:31] And why is that your favorite thing about yourself,


Eli Eutsler [00:08:34] so I can beat president raises.


Ben Ferguson [00:08:37] Yeah. Our President Preston. OK, so if you could describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?


Eli Eutsler [00:08:51] Probably.


Ben Ferguson [00:08:54] Outgoing, outgoing, and why would that be the word that you use


Eli Eutsler [00:08:59] the word shy, but I always try something new? Yeah, you talk to people, even it doesn’t go well.


Ben Ferguson [00:09:07] So what is your favorite color?


Eli Eutsler [00:09:11] A navy blue.


Ben Ferguson [00:09:13] OK, that’s a good one, if you could have any superpower, what would that superpower be?


Eli Eutsler [00:09:21] South Asia one is probably.


Ben Ferguson [00:09:28] Teleportation, no know, do you have any hidden talents that not many people know about?


Eli Eutsler [00:09:34] I can juggle.


Ben Ferguson [00:09:36] Yeah, I can’t. So, yeah, that’s. OK, so I think right here is where we’re going to end it. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for coming on.


Eli Eutsler [00:09:49] It was my pleasure.


Ben Ferguson [00:09:50] Yeah. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye. Goodbye.

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