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Ben Interviews Miss Brindel, Karate Champ, Leadership Team Member and Future Black Belt

Ben [00:00:03] Hi, I’m Ben Ferguson today, I’m interviewing Jesse Brindle, how are you?


JeSi [00:00:07] Good, how are you?


Ben [00:00:09] I’m doing just fine. So let’s move into your past commercial. Let’s get straight to the point. So talk about kind of where you are now in martial arts, like your journey to where you are now.


JeSi [00:00:23] OK, so actually, a martial arts wasn’t something that I’ve been doing for a while, obviously, I’m only a verbal bell. I’ve been doing it for almost a year and I really found it, I guess again after after quarantine, like sort of ended and then we were good. But. Yeah, I had done like a very small amount of karate when I was very little and just at the Y and I had just quit dance, so I was like, You know, I need something else. So it was like, Oh, let’s go back to karate, let’s try it out.


Ben [00:01:03] Yeah, yeah. So are you testing this test cycle? Yes, I am. OK, so you’ll be getting your foot? Yeah, I was going to say, Yeah, blue. So you’re on the competition team, right? Yes. Why did you start the competition team?


JeSi [00:01:21] Well, at first it was because my brother had gone into it and I kind of just saw what he was doing and I was like, OK, that sounds like a ninja thing. And then I learned more about it, and I was like, Yeah, actually, this is something I really want to do. And I had sat in on one competition with this Bradford and Mr. Bellow, and they kind of showed me the ropes a little bit and I was like, Yeah, this is something I really want to do. So I decided to join.


Ben [00:01:48] So why did you start karate like when you were? Like in a Team B y y you started karate. Why does it have to be what you are premier so.


JeSi [00:02:00] Right. Well, OK, so when I was little, obviously it was just something my parents were like. It goes right now. It was sort of after 4:00 a.m., I was kind of in a bad like mental state because, you know, everybody was quarantined, isolated from everybody. And I just kind of casually kind of hopped in my head and I was like, Yeah, they kind of teach like emotional along with like physical. Yeah, yeah. So I was like, Wow, this seems like a good idea. Let’s try this out.


Ben [00:02:29] So I know you’re in leadership. So what made you want to be on the leadership team now?


JeSi [00:02:35] Right? Once again, it was my brother, but then I saw what he was bringing home and he was bringing in books about self talk was the first book that I read with you guys, and I was like, This is a good class. Like, This is a good thing for people to be like in, and I think it’s important for people to be educated on things like that. So it was like, Yeah, OK, let’s let’s do this. The same idea.


Ben [00:02:59] OK, so then what’s your favorite book or assignment that you’ve done on leadership?


JeSi [00:03:03] Well, OK. I think that my favorite book would have to be between the what to do or what to say when you’re talking to yourself. The one is that I want to really like. I learned a lot from that book and it really like it. She how I talk myself now, like I definitely implement the things that I’ve learned. And the book that we just read, which was the extreme ownership one. That one, I really like that one because of all the stories that were in it and the kind of game like real world. Yeah, yeah, strategies.


Ben [00:03:39] And so what was your favorite, Simon? You may have only done the magazine cover with us. I don’t I don’t really know. You may have done other ones, though. So yeah, I think I think lame duck. What was your favorite?


JeSi [00:03:51] I think the magazine cover is the only real truth other than like posting our kind of video


Ben [00:03:58] shot,


JeSi [00:03:58] but the magazine cover was fine.


Ben [00:04:00] Yeah. So moving into your president martial arts, what is the team that you enjoy most being in so black while training for training, things like that? What is the one you enjoy the most?


JeSi [00:04:16] I think my top would have to be just regular premier training because I have I’m in the adult class, so it’s kind of entertaining being around like adults and it’s just a really fun class. But I think very close. Second, it would have to be black belt training because you guys all are so close knit and have such a good relationship and it’s so much fun to be around.


Ben [00:04:39] Yeah. So how has martial arts and been on those teams and around those people affected your life?


JeSi [00:04:46] Well, my life was very heavily affected by karate. I think that when I first joined, it was kind of new and I was shy and I’m like, Well, I’m not as good as these people. So, you know, this is going to be a little bit rough. But once I got really into it, I made some friends and, you know, I just kind of changed how I look at things and my hear from leadership. I’ve been more like positive. So I think that’s the best part.


Ben [00:05:16] OK, so then moving on to those things, moving further from those things. Explain how premier as a whole as a family


JeSi [00:05:25] premier is very everybody is very close knit from the competition teams to just individual classes. I help out Mr Can in classes, so I kind of get this deal even like the little little kids. They’re all very friendly with each other and they are good friends. You guys, a competition team and leadership are all good friends and in competitions we always help each other out. And it’s just between all three dojos. Everybody just always helps everybody. Yeah.


Ben [00:05:54] So what is your favorite activity to do? A martial arts classes like your favorite thing that you guys do?


JeSi [00:06:00] Um, I think my favorite thing is probably like selfless self-defense. Probably, yeah. It’s important to drill the things, but I think they’re doing just like the self-defense is really fun.


Ben [00:06:13] Yeah, that was my favorite for a very long time. It sense shifted away into more weapons, but that is still far one of my favorites, and it has them for a very long time. So now what is your least favorite thing?


JeSi [00:06:25] Oh my, we’ve everything. Probably running. I enjoy running that much, so when we’re doing our cardio, which is very important, we should do it, but it’s definitely my least favorite thing.


Ben [00:06:39] Just wait, just wait for it, wait for the advanced class, wait until you’re hired. I’ll wait for that.


JeSi [00:06:44] I’ve heard.


Ben [00:06:45] Yeah. So what’s your favorite of?


JeSi [00:06:49] Well, I only know a few. But right now, my fever is on a scale, which is the one that I’m working now on to. I don’t know if you guys know that one. Mr Bello had thought it to me, and he said it was kind of one that not everybody knew everywhere. So. But yeah, that’s definitely one of my favorite ones.


Ben [00:07:08] So what do you do to what? Speak English, Ben, what do you plan to do in the future?


JeSi [00:07:15] Well, the planning on I’m planning on staying in, yeah, yeah, I really enjoy it. And obviously just like moving up in the ranks and eventually being part of the advanced class and, you know, just keep going, I guess. And right now, I’m sort of teaching classes with Mr. Khan, so I’m planning on continuing that. Yeah.


Ben [00:07:39] So why do you choose those specific things for what you want to do?


JeSi [00:07:45] What do you mean,


Ben [00:07:46] like why do you? OK, well, maybe a little hard to explain. Why do you choose that? Those are the things that you want to keep doing, that you want to go up in the ranks that you want to stay. Helping classes like what do you like about having classes? Maybe, maybe if I phrase it different like that, that’ll help, right?


JeSi [00:08:05] OK. So I like having class because I kind of feel I feel hopeful. You know, and they’re the little kids are so you’re doing karate. They’re just they’re adorable. And so that’s really fun. I’m always kind of like education thing. So that kind of tied into some of my strengths. So I really enjoy that and I want to keep going up through the ranks because, well, I have to give you be cool thing, you know, like, say or yeah, yeah. You know, all those things. And the sense of security, like knowing how to do all those things so that, if anything, bad ever did happen. Yeah.


Ben [00:08:43] So what are some of your things that you like to do or that you like to do outside of karate?


JeSi [00:08:49] I read so many roads. Thank you and I have another on the side. I read so much like Lydia, and I draw a lot. I hang out with my friends a lot and like my family. So we’re very extroverted person I like. Yes. Yes. Me too.


Ben [00:09:14] So what are some of your favorite traits about yourself, like what do you like about yourself?


JeSi [00:09:22] I like that. I am very social because my friends are not the most social people in the world, so I’m usually the one we’re hanging out to, like order food or do whatever the talking is. So I like that. I can be like the spokesperson, I guess, from my friend group and kind of, yeah, yeah, I’m social and I tend to make friends easy. So that’s been nice, especially since my family’s moved several times. So, yeah.


Ben [00:09:53] So. If you could describe yourself in one word, like rack yourself up into one word, what would that word be? That’s a hard question.


JeSi [00:10:05] How lead? Oh, my goodness. Well, say. Oh, like.


Ben [00:10:23] Spontaneous and. Yeah. So we went to a little bit of an easier one. What’s your favorite color?


JeSi [00:10:32] Oh my goodness. My favorite color is probably green, but not like the heavy like hunter green. Yeah, like at like the plant greens. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You know what? I’m talking about green. So that.


Ben [00:10:51] Yeah, so if you can have any single superpower, what would that superpower be?


JeSi [00:10:58] I think probably teleportation.


Ben [00:11:02] Yeah, that’s a good one. Yeah. Yeah, that’s cool, I never thought about that. Yeah. Don’t go anywhere. Drive time,


JeSi [00:11:10] right? Yeah. Cost of gas and yeah, I mean, it went way.


Ben [00:11:16] Exactly. OK, so do you have any hidden talents that not many people and nobody knows about?


JeSi [00:11:24] And it’s. I don’t think I don’t know if it counts as a talent, but I guess I can draw. Well, I guess that is a talent, but I can draw, but I feel like a lot of people that I don’t know if I have anything hidden. Yeah, yeah, OK.


Ben [00:11:42] Typically extroverted people who have much interest.


JeSi [00:11:46] Yeah, that’s fair. Yeah.


Ben [00:11:48] So, hey, thanks for coming on. Yeah, you’re welcome. We’re going to go and get this wrapped up. All right. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for watching if you’re watching. Hope you like it, and I will see you next time.

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