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Ben interviews Miss Kendall in this Kids Corner Podcast (Text Only)

Mr Ferguson [00:00:02] Hi there, I’m in Ferguson today interviewing Kendall Martin, how are you today?


Miss Kendall [00:00:06] Good.


Mr Ferguson [00:00:08] OK, so can you tell me a little bit about yourself?


Miss Kendall [00:00:12] I go to a very emotional arts, I am a Redbelt, and I’ve been in martial arts for three years.


Mr Ferguson [00:00:23] OK, so given your past the martial arts. So let’s talk about your journey to where you are now. So I know you’re on the competition team. Why did you start the competition team?


Miss Kendall [00:00:33] Oh, I started the competition team because, like, I really kind of wanted a challenge to, like, kind of push me to the next level. OK.


Mr Ferguson [00:00:49] So why did you start martial arts in the first place?


Miss Kendall [00:00:54] Start with martial arts, because I used to do gymnastics and after gymnastics, we just found like consumer sports, I, I just started to think since I was in gymnastics, like maybe I might be a bit more flexible and get our kicks. So then we tried martial arts and I ended up loving it.


Mr Ferguson [00:01:20] Yeah, I’ll tell you, flexibility and martial arts is good because I am not flexible. So I know your leadership team. Leadership team to correct. Yep. OK, so why are you in leadership? Why did you start that.


Miss Kendall [00:01:35] Assertive leadership, because I probably started, I’m pretty sure, when I was a. Roundball, I’m pretty sure, but I served in leadership because, like Mr. Kyun thought that I was ready to start, since a lot of people start when these third Brownville or some day and like, I’m I don’t really like reading, but whenever I’m in leadership, I have to read. That really gets me reading.


Mr Ferguson [00:02:14] OK, so we’re moving your present to martial arts. So are you on any other teams besides comp and leadership? The like the premier team, blackbelt training,


Miss Kendall [00:02:27] things like that on the premier team and blackbelt training.


Mr Ferguson [00:02:31] OK, so which one do you think you enjoy the most out of those four?


Miss Kendall [00:02:38] Probably blackbelt, since you get to work with a lot of weapons and. I just kind of like blackbelt, it’s a little bit shorter so that you can kind of like since I do blacktail on Thursday and Tuesday and Thursday and so that I can learn them whenever we get into a premiere team. It kind of is like, OK, build that up even more.


Mr Ferguson [00:03:09] Yeah. So which one do you enjoy the least like which one that you like, but not like as much as the other ones if you kind of understand what I’m saying on.


Miss Kendall [00:03:24] Probably competition. But it sounds like competition is really long on the SATs, but also I like competition because you can work on your codders and weapons and it’s just really fun.


Mr Ferguson [00:03:42] Yeah, it is. So are there anything are there any things that martial arts has influenced what you do at home? So like something that you that you didn’t do at home before, you start a martial arts, but now you do it because you’re in martial arts?


Miss Kendall [00:04:01] I start like since Suzanne are like one of our black belt was blekko homeworks was make your bed, brush your teeth without your parents asking, clean up your room every night. So I try to do that stuff every night if I like. I always wear it every night. If I don’t get to my bed like I usually do it every night. But if I don’t, that’s fine. Yeah, I just. So what belt are you? I’m a red belt.


Mr Ferguson [00:04:35] OK. Did it take a lot of work to get to your Redbelt?


Miss Kendall [00:04:40] Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Mr Ferguson [00:04:43] OK, so what is your least favorite thing about martial arts?


Miss Kendall [00:04:52] Probably hard


Mr Ferguson [00:04:56] hitters


Miss Kendall [00:04:57] like my least favorite part was when I was like when I was little or like when I just started, I had to do like white, black, white, yellow, stripe, white. I don’t really like the stripes since it takes a lot longer to get to black. Yeah.


Mr Ferguson [00:05:15] So speaking of when you were littler, I remember when you first started class and stuff, you wouldn’t really talk to people that much. Do you have any any any idea why?


Miss Kendall [00:05:25] Maybe because I mean, I’m sometimes like really shy. I would never like I get into this big room and like, I don’t really know anyone. So I was like, this is kind of scary since I don’t know, I’m on a. Look, like I don’t really know anyone, and I’m just like I, I kind of get, like, really nervous, like, OK, what what is what is happening, like, in my mind, doing this. Right.


Mr Ferguson [00:06:04] Yeah. OK, so what is your favorite karta to do, so I’ll tell you so I’ll tell people what al-Qaida is because they may not know it. What is it? Qatar is what it’s a series of kicks, punches and blocks that you do when it’s an imaginary fight, basically. So my favorite cut off to say is probably Passi show and I Hongzhi. So with your Kindle, I think it’s a good one. So what are some of your goals for martial arts in the future, like what do you want to accomplish?


Miss Kendall [00:06:40] My goal is my biggest goal is get to junior blackbelt. Looks like I’m almost there, probably almost about a year after you guys get your belts on. I should be next up on candidates, but my other biggest school is too, like. I want to learn the content that I don’t really know the kind of that Amaury and I mean I Zeller working on that to learn that one sense that Canada is called Correo, I believe. Yeah, I think so.


Mr Ferguson [00:07:22] Why are those your goals like, is there a specific reason that that’s what you want to accomplish?


Miss Kendall [00:07:28] I actually look up to DOMA a lot. Sounds like they are the older people and I look up to them a lot. So I like I like it how they do like their punches, kicks, blocks, all that. I really like how they do that. Then my junior blackbelt goal is to like that would be where I where I always wanted to get on, like it’s just the main goal that everybody has. Yeah. So that’s one of my biggest schools because like. That means that you’re kind of in the higher bell and when you get to blackout, you start doing a bit harder stuff. So.


Mr Ferguson [00:08:21] Have you ever thought about teaching or owning a martial arts school, is that been something you’ve ever considered when you’re older?


Miss Kendall [00:08:29] I’ve always considered maybe teaching at one time. Whenever I’m older, like how Jazelle and Rory and them sometimes come to classes and just how I’ve always wanted to do that or like, just. Just kind of like help out to people, and that’s why sometimes that night out, I help out a lot, so.


Mr Ferguson [00:08:58] OK, so let’s move into some things that you like to do outside of karate that you like to do at home. So what I was what is your favorite thing to do at home?


Miss Kendall [00:09:11] Probably draw my favorite thing to do outside, like outside, outside is probably to play football since I I love football. And another thing that I like to do is kind of just come home, relax, kind of deal out.


Mr Ferguson [00:09:33] OK, so now going back to karate, I know you’re in the advanced class is the VFW heart. Yeah, yeah, OK, so what what is your favorite thing about yourself, like what is your best quality? OK, we are like your best talent,


Miss Kendall [00:09:58] probably karate or football, one of those, since I’m pretty damn football, like my throws and my friends are pretty good, but I’m not perfect in karate has just become one of my talents. And I work on it a lot and lots and lots and lots.


Mr Ferguson [00:10:19] So, yeah. And I know you’ve tried a lot of activities because as you mentioned before, you’ve done gymnastics. I know you tried blacksmithing. So what’s one of your favorite things out of those kind of activities that you’ve done?


Miss Kendall [00:10:34] So I did softball, I did gymnastics. Those are the ones that I remember. Yeah, but my favorite moment was probably gymnastics sense and really get your legs flexed and so that you can, like, run a lot faster. And just like you, since I’m not even close to I can kind of do flips, but barely. So, Josh, yeah.


Mr Ferguson [00:11:08] OK, so if you had to describe yourself in one word. What would that word be? So, like, for me, it would be. A kind so if you have to describe one quality about yourself or describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


Miss Kendall [00:11:31] Probably helpful or funny?


Mr Ferguson [00:11:33] So why those words change?


Miss Kendall [00:11:37] I really like helping out because I just feel like that whenever you help out, it just is really nice and you’re helping someone with their day. If they’re not like if somebody said something rude to them, you just kind of help them out. Yeah. And funny because I’m really funny and I’m like my mom always says, I, I, I tell her jokes and she’s always like, that one’s horrible. I’m like, come on. I try. Yeah, yeah.


Mr Ferguson [00:12:15] OK, so if you could have any superpower, what would it be.


Miss Kendall [00:12:22] Probably I could fly.


Mr Ferguson [00:12:28] OK, down here at minus, yeah, stopping time for every one and everything but myself. Yeah, that’s good. What’s your favorite superhero then?


Miss Kendall [00:12:50] Probably that woman probably would not really watch superheroes or have any superhero comics. I don’t know. What’s your favorite color? Probably. Cheal, do you have any


Mr Ferguson [00:13:12] hidden talents, so something that you’re really good at that nobody knows that you’re really good at


Miss Kendall [00:13:19] singing? I really like to sing a lot and I, I sometimes sing in my room where, like, nobody’s watching and at music, I really feel like that. That’s just a moment where I can really kind of show my talent and some people don’t really realize that. Yeah.


Mr Ferguson [00:13:43] OK, so how old are you?


Miss Kendall [00:13:46] I’m nine.


Mr Ferguson [00:13:49] OK, then, this is it for this interview, I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for watching, listening.

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