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Ben Interviews Ms Browder (Text)


Ben Ferguson [00:00:00] Hi there, I’m Ben Ferguson from Martial Arts, and today I’m interviewing Rory Brown. How are you today?


Rory Browder [00:00:05] Good. How are you?


Ben Ferguson [00:00:07] Good. Let’s move on to your past and the martial arts. So kind of talk about your journey to where you are now, a martial arts.


Rory Browder [00:00:15] Um, so I started around September twenty eighteen and, um, sometimes, like, I was scared, really scared. At first I didn’t want to ask anybody how to do like kicks and punches because I thought I was a wimp. Um, but there were during the journey there were some days that I didn’t feel motivated or I didn’t want to go. But I’m glad I went because now where I am right now, I’m I’m a black belt.


Ben Ferguson [00:00:46] OK, so why did you start karate?


Rory Browder [00:00:49] Um, there was actually not really a reason why I just tried other stuff. And then my mom brought up karate. So we tried it and is done. Very good.


Ben Ferguson [00:01:01] Yeah. Has your black belt. So. Yeah. OK, so where are you now. In the martial arts.


Rory Browder [00:01:07] Um, um, a junior black belt. Just this December I took my. Blackbelt us, yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:01:16] So kind of talk about your journey to black, to black.


Rory Browder [00:01:22] It was hard sometimes, but sometimes it was easy. Like when you’re beginning at karate, you’re early, like when you start going up, moving up. It just gets harder and harder. Yeah. So, um.


Ben Ferguson [00:01:39] That’s gets harder and harder and harder, and then when you’re deputy blackbelt, there’s all this stuff you have to do. Yeah, but yeah, I can tell you it does definitely get harder.


Rory Browder [00:01:52] Oh, OK.


Ben Ferguson [00:01:53] So how is martial arts affecting your life?


Rory Browder [00:01:56] A lot. It’s made me who I am today and it’s just changing my mind to


Ben Ferguson [00:02:03] say that is something true for all of us, that it has changed who we are today. I will. Tell you, I don’t really know what I would have been doing if I was not in martial arts because I started it. Oh, God. February twenty nineteen. I want to say somewhere around there, that’s all I’m to say. What’s your least favorite thing about martial arts?


Rory Browder [00:02:27] Um, probably the ten minute runs.


Ben Ferguson [00:02:30] Oh, yes, yes, yes. Especially last Friday. Yeah. Yeah. That was outside. Yes, outside. And what’s your most favorite thing about martial arts. Most favorite thing about martial arts.


Rory Browder [00:02:42] Probably everybody that I meet. And they’re really


Ben Ferguson [00:02:46] nice. Yeah, me too. Definitely. Me too. Explain how premier martial arts is a family.


Rory Browder [00:02:55] Well, everybody’s there for each other. Yeah, we’re all nice to each other. We, um, congratulate each year on everybody. Mm hmm.


Ben Ferguson [00:03:05] Yeah, like I saw this Facebook post back in quarantine where when we were doing online classes, we had a couple students outside in our parking lot doing classes via the computer where they can still be outside the parking lot together, doing classes. So it’s sort of like a group thing, not a thing, if you forget what I mean. So what do you see yourself doing in the future?


Rory Browder [00:03:35] Um, I feel like staying in for a little bit more, but I also want to try other.


Ben Ferguson [00:03:44] Could you ever see yourself owning a martial arts school? Maybe, maybe, just maybe.


Rory Browder [00:03:50] I feel like I’d probably want to do that.


Ben Ferguson [00:03:52] Yeah, why do you think you want to do that?


Rory Browder [00:03:55] It’d be a nice business to start. Yeah, and just meeting a bunch of new people, that would be fun, too.


Ben Ferguson [00:04:02] OK, so we’re actually going to be back to the and most favorite things. Why is the 10 minute run your least favorite thing?


Rory Browder [00:04:09] Because when it’s outside it’s really awesome. But still it’s kind of hard to do.


Ben Ferguson [00:04:15] Yeah. I mean, like you get tired, like


Rory Browder [00:04:18] is six


Ben Ferguson [00:04:19] minutes after like six minutes for eles,


Rory Browder [00:04:21] like go and kind


Ben Ferguson [00:04:23] of slow. You’re, you’re, you’re like I got to keep going, I got to get going.


Rory Browder [00:04:27] Is it.


Ben Ferguson [00:04:28] You’re happy once you finish. Yeah. I kind of like that finding dory thing. Just keeps just keep running but yeah. Um and why is all the people you meet your most favorite thing or your most famous, your most favorite thing about martial arts. Because everybody’s nice


Rory Browder [00:04:45] and um


Ben Ferguson [00:04:46] it’s easy to make friends. Yeah. Here I know I we have the saying I’m sure I’ve said it before. One team, one family. So or actually have a couple of one team, one family. We’re a team but we’re also a family. It’s kind of like when you’re in like first grade in school and your teacher is like, we’re not a class but we’re a family. Yeah. Yeah. Kind of like that. And then also those who kick together stick together. So like, hey, I got your back and you got my back sort of like that. So then. OK, can we move in, you’re outside of martial arts, so what you like to do in your life outside that? Yeah, OK, so what are some of your favorite things to do outside?


Rory Browder [00:05:26] I really like to program. I got a little robot that you can have on your phone and you could program it to do whatever. And I also really like to do volleyball. I just got into it last year with school and I really like to.


Ben Ferguson [00:05:39] Yeah, because if I remember correctly, from what you’ve told me, you want to be a computer engineer.


Rory Browder [00:05:44] Yes. Software and software


Ben Ferguson [00:05:47] work in particular. Yes. OK, so why do you why are those your favorite things? Why would you say that that is something that you like to do?


Rory Browder [00:05:58] I just feel like it’s something that it was like made for me and it’s really fun to do. Other people might not think that. Yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:06:07] Yeah.


Rory Browder [00:06:07] In my opinion, it’s very fun.


Ben Ferguson [00:06:12] OK, so what are some of your favorite things about yourself? Um, like some of your best traits about yourself?


Rory Browder [00:06:20] Probably the most. Sometimes I can be outgoing to people when I’m not shy or something. Yeah. And, um, probably. How kind I am others. OK, I’ve done a lot of stuff.


Ben Ferguson [00:06:36] Yeah, and why would you consider those your best traits?


Rory Browder [00:06:40] Probably because, um, I have I have some energetic, weird


Ben Ferguson [00:06:45] side here,


Rory Browder [00:06:47] and those are probably just the ones that are on the nice, calm side


Ben Ferguson [00:06:52] of me. OK. Could you describe premier martial arts in one word?


Rory Browder [00:06:58] Um, family.


Ben Ferguson [00:07:01] OK. So if you were at a job interview and someone asked you, how would you describe yourself, what would you say if you could describe yourself in one word, what would you say? Outgoing. OK. If you could have a superpower, the only you could have, what would it be? This is hard


Rory Browder [00:07:29] superstring. Yeah.


Ben Ferguson [00:07:32] OK, and why would that be the one


Rory Browder [00:07:35] problem, because if anybody is endangered, if someone’s on the other side of a


Ben Ferguson [00:07:40] boom boom,


Rory Browder [00:07:43] you can save them.


Ben Ferguson [00:07:44] I’ll tell you what mine is. Stop time for everybody but myself. That would be awesome. Yeah. And do you have any hidden talents?


Rory Browder [00:07:57] Um, I can. Program and I can also flip my notes like.


Ben Ferguson [00:08:05] OK, I’m not going to ask what that is. But anyway, thank you for watching. Thank you for coming up. Well, thank you for listening. Thank you for coming on. Ruri Browder.


Rory Browder [00:08:16] Um, thank you for listening for.


Ben Ferguson [00:08:19] Yeah. Yeah. Um, I will see you next time. Bye.

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