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Get in Shape: Train Hard and Be Safe

One of the greatest fears that an average individual has is to be mugged or assaulted, whether in public or private. On a regular day, this is not something that really “plagues the mind,” we usually just don’t think it will happen to us! But law enforcement authorities rightly encourage taking safety precautions in order to avoid the risk of having a criminal confrontation on the streets. Martial arts are a fun, popular, and proven effective regimen to prepare yourself for the threats you might face on a regular basis.

Class drills with partners and safety “dress rehearsals” in practical combat scenarios will heighten your awareness, agility, and skills in avoiding, deterring, escaping, and winning against a potential physical attack by someone stronger or larger than yourself. However, as much as one tries, there are always situations that one cannot anticipate. To perform the techniques with maximum speed and impact, one must develop physical fitness and body conditioning through consistent practice and preferably cross-training. Setting and reaching health goals on schedule is integral to the training process.

Overcoming fear

The criminal mind can sometimes be unpredictable. We might think we’re ready, but most individuals confronted by a criminal on the street typically stiffen up, become “paralyzed,” unable to think clearly or act quickly during the tense, hazardous situation. Most people think they’d respond swiftly and bravely, having watched a lot of TV crime dramas and movies, but they lack any “actual” training and experience in dealing such encounters in person. Likewise, being physically fit, able-bodied, and clear-minded will actually deter and prevent such confrontations, and should one occur, prove very useful as you defuse and escape – perhaps poorer and freaked out, but not physically harmed!

Escape – rather than domination – is where martial arts and self-defense training can be of unique and surprising value. People do not generally view martial arts training for one of its greatest benefits – the means and will to resolve conflict peacefully – or failing that, by force. Many martial arts are particularly designed to protect oneself from violent assault. In most cases, those who are suddenly confronted by a mugger or burglar are in a very disadvantaged position. If
the assailant is armed with a blade, club, or firearm, the situation is far more threatening and imperative to escape by any means necessary.

Get physical

Martial arts training for self-defense is learned in the military and law enforcement communities, and fortunately today, this popular, beneficial, educational, athletic, and safety-focused pursuit is affordable and accessible to the general public in most countries throughout the world.

Self-defense training is highly situational in that it teaches you to deal with particular scenarios. For example, an individual will learn to defend against a knife-wielding assailant trying to cut them (with safety measures in place of course), in a variety of ways: whether the attack comes from front or back, how the blade is held, the method and velocity of the attacks, and so on. However, in order to perform a disarming or immobilizing technique, one has to be physically fit with high levels of mental acuity, core strength, speed, agility, and self-confidence. Being prepared for a wide variety of “real life” scenarios requires a special kind of physical capability. Martial arts training is the ideal way to build it up.