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Learn Martial Arts to Build your Self-Confidence

More and more people are discovering martial arts therapy used to treat and even cure some disorders relating to body and mind. In one research study, an Israeli Judo Champion-turned- academic taught a modified form of Judo to visually, mentally, and physically-impaired people. As a result of these rigorous practices, the people showed nominal improvement in a variety
of abilities. If martial art is powerful enough to bring raising the bar for disabled persons, the possibilities for completely healthy, fully functional persons are even greater.

Why martial art is a better confident builder than any sport

Just about any rigorous sport or activity can improve your physical and mental fitness and in turn your level of confidence. But martial arts have been proven to give great results more consistently and in a variety of aspects. Why is it so?

First, martial art is an individual endeavor (though training in a class of fellow students is the norm); individual results are based on your individual effort, unlike in team sports where reliance upon others is often paramount.

Second, martial art training is empirically structured, i.e. the level of difficulty rises as you progress, meaning the challenges increase in complexity and requirements. As you achieve each new level, you experience accomplishment that increases your self-confidence. The prestige and self-respect you earn with each belt color is very satisfying and self-motivating.

The controlled environment and structure of martial arts pave way for a better physique, posture, stance, and body language. These very visible, tangible effects reduce the instances and severity of perceptions that cause self-doubt and low self-esteem. Once you start seeing results, there is no turning back!

Gaining confidence through martial arts

It is said that every time we face fear, we gain confidence and courage. The same way, you involuntarily attain a little more courage and confidence every time you practice martial arts. Every time you free spar or compete in a tournament, you either win and boost self-image or you lose and learn a new lesson. The moment the match begins, you forget everything else in your life and focus only on giving your best.

Martial arts training entails more than learning vigorous strikes, kicks, and blocks to improve your physical self. Much training deals with sharpening the abilities of your mind. Many martial art styles feature elements of philosophical and intellectual pursuit, such as meditation, balance, breathing, listening skills, and sometimes the warrior ethos. These concepts are instrumental
in bringing clarity to your mind. It is said that the combat techniques are the most effective
only when you are able to connect your mind to your body. Many expert martial artists are so observant and quick-thinking that they can actually predict an opponent’s next move, giving them better chances of evading, countering, and ultimately winning the contest unharmed.

Practicing martial arts gives you a fit body and clear mind, which in turn leverages your confidence level. The only way to verify this claim is to experience the benefits for yourself. The life-changing effects will make you a true believer and advocate for this wholesome, healthful, enjoyable activity and lifestyle.