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Martial Arts – A Moms Perspective

When our son, Oliver, was 4 he played a season of his first organized sport: soccer.  Like many of the kids, he really had no concept of the game, and his real interest was talking to his friends.  By the end of the season it was obvious: he may have had fun, but soccer really wasn’t his “thing”.
Fast forward to the next year, and instead of playing a sport during the summer, our sweet boy was having surgery on both of his Achilles’ tendons and recovering with a lot of physical therapy.  He had been born with bilateral clubfoot and needed an additional surgery.  It was a hard time for all of us, but his happy demeanor kept him going. He started kindergarten and our focus was helping him learn to walk again.
Throughout kindergarten and as he entered first grade, it was obvious that he was having some struggles at school.  He was very impulsive.  He had always had a high level of energy and it was becoming increasingly harder for him to focus and behave at school.  And while he always liked being around kids, he had some social quirks that were unusual.
Oliver started talking again about wanting to do some kind of sport.  He mentioned karate, and in September 2015 he went to his first class.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Neither my husband or myself came from a background with martial arts, and while I thought it could be a good thing for Oliver, I also knew that if the sensei was too strict or harsh, it would crush Oliver’s spirits.  Thankfully, it was a perfect fit and after the first class Oliver was signed up.
Less than 2 weeks after starting karate, Oliver had some struggles at school that led us to begin looking more into his behaviors.  When Oliver missed a couple of classes as a result of appointments, his sensei reached out to us to ask if things were ok.  I explained that Oliver was beginning behavioral therapy for suspected ADHD.  His sensei was kind and encouraging, and it was exactly the support we needed as parents. It felt like we had a partner, someone willing to come alongside us during a difficult season.  Within a few months’ time we had a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD and autism.
Karate gave Oliver a structure where he thrived.  The expectations of him were high, but not unreasonable.  Respect, dedication, and responsibility were only a few of the life skills that were instilled in Oliver from the beginning.  As parents, we now had someone else who could support our child and who we could turn to when we needed extra help.
Did things change overnight? No.  There were misbehaviors and consequences, but instead of those being negative punishments they were learning opportunities.  In fact, I think the learning went both ways as Oliver and his sensei learned a lot about life from each other.   Five years almost to the day that he started karate, Oliver tested for his black belt and passed.  It was the hardest physical and mental test he had ever done, and at only 11 years old he achieved something many people will never do in their lifetime.
Oliver is now 12 and finishing his sixth grade year.  Starting middle school in 2020 was less than ideal and came with a lot of challenges.  During this time, the dojo continued to be a place of consistency for Oliver.   He has been able to help younger students and experience what it is like to be a leader.  He is accepted by adults and peers alike, not in spite of his challenges, but for who he is as a person.  The confidence I see in Oliver now compared to when he first started karate is truly amazing.  Oliver has “grown up” in the dojo and we can’t wait to see how karate continues to impact his life.
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About the Guest Author: Lyndsey Gillespie graduated from Ball State University with a BS in US History and is married to Jay Gillespie with three wonderful children (Oliver, Lucy and Max.) Oliver and Max are both students at Premier Martial Arts. Lyndsey can be reached with any questions at

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