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Miss Kline – How Martial Arts Changed My Life

How Premier Martial Arts Has Impact My Life

Hello my name is Gisele Kline I have been doing Martial Arts for over 4 years now. I started karate when I was eight years old. Premier Martial Arts has impacted my life in a lot of ways from basic classes, to the competition team. I am part of the competition team, Black Belt Training, Leadership, and regular classes.

When I started Karate I was small and I wasn’t athletic, I did A couple sports before but they weren’t something I liked. When I joined I enjoyed the classes, I made friends, and I had a good experience. After a year I started competing, it helped a lot in getting better, since then I’ve been competing for three years. I am a junior black belt and I will be testing for my second degree black belt next year. But for now I have been competing in tournaments.

On top of all that Premier has helped me to become a better person.  They have helped me to reach my goals, work on myself, they have even helped me with respecting others and staying kind.

I am also very thankful for the opportunities they have given me, specifically opportunities such as helping with other classes, helping with younger classes, and more.

 In general Premier Martial Arts has helped me with more than Martial Arts and that’s what I love about it, the instructors, the students, your friends, and even your teammates. They have all had a big impact and support on me since starting. From all the support they’ve given me it’s helped me to work harder. And I’ve definitely improved from when I first started. It has definitely changed my life. Speaking of helping me work harder, My Black Belt test is a good example of helping me get better and It helped me learn.

From eight years old to now I have matured to become an instructor some day, and I wouldn’t be able to do that without premier, Premier has truly helped me lead in front of others and it’s definitely a preparation for the future I don’t know where I would be without them.

Now that I have been here for four years now I have learned to lead, compete, respect, accomplish, take challenges, Work harder, and be a better person. This is why I choose Premier Martial Arts.

Gisele Kline

About the author – Miss Kline is a long time student at Premier Martial Arts who earned her Junior Black Belt in December 2021. She is a member of our Competition and Leadership Program. This year she is mentoring two younger Junior Black Belt Candidates through the preparation, requirements and testing for their Junior Black Belts. She plays the Clarinet and aspires to attend Noter Dame University.

Premier Martial Arts has been in business for more than 20 years, and since our founding in 1998 we have helped thousands of students of all ages realize their full potential. Premier Martial Arts delivers a best-in-class martial arts experience that helps our students develop the personal skills that are necessary to build a successful life. Our mastery of teaching martial arts over the past two decades is evident in our structured and thorough curriculum, which is standardized across our 100+ locations across the United States, Canada and England.

Our curriculum focuses on character development far beyond the importance of self-defense. We teach our young students how to respect their elders, how to be accountable, how to focus and how to stay in shape in a fun and exciting atmosphere. We empower our adult students with the self-confidence to overcome anxieties and trauma, in an environment that fosters inclusion and social belonging.

Premier Martial Arts Fort Wayne founded in 2015 by 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor Ron Kuhn. Master Kuhn had a distinguished management & engineering career working for such companies as Verizon, NIPSCO, Frontier Communications and Mediacom. In 2019 he made the decision to operate his Martial Arts School fulltime which has always been his lifelong dream. That one location has grown to three in the City of Fort Wayne.


Master Ron Kuhn is married to his wife Anita (retired Special Needs Teacher) of 27 years. They have three wonderful daughters, Jordan, Ally and Katie. Jordan is a nurse who lives in Indianapolis. Ally has a computer science and business background and works with her dad at Premier Martial Arts. Katie is Chemical Engineering graduate and works in the pharmaceutical industry in Indianapolis.


Premier Martial Arts of Fort Wayne operates three locations:

North – 10240 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 (Coldwater & DuPont)

East – 10154 Maysville Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46835 (Chapel Hill Area)

Southwest – 9906 Illinois Road Fort Wayne, IN 46804 (Scott & Illinois Road)




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