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Mixed Martial Arts Offer the Best of Several Distinct Styles

Training in Mixed Martial Arts at Premier Martial Arts is a serious (and seriously fun) way to get and stay in shape, improve focus (and productivity, relationships, results), and learn to defend yourself and others, should such a circumstance ever be necessary. Powerful techniques with practical applications challenge and reward all students – from beginners to the most advanced competitors. Under the guidance of experienced, professional Mixed Martial Arts instructors, students follow a proven pathway to fitness, readiness, and personal security through a top quality, industry leading curriculum and system of advancement.

The Mixed Martial Arts program offered to residents of [sitecity] and surrounding communities combines elements of effective, modern and traditional disciplines such as Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Karate, and more. Because self-defense is the ultimate training goal, proficiency in a single Martial Arts style – with set rules, concepts, and limitations – might prove inadequate in a sudden, unexpected combat situation. Consequently, Mixed Martial Arts blend a variety of techniques to master from diverse styles to create well-rounded Martial Artists.

Though self-defense is the endgame, physical and mental fitness are beneficial byproducts of Mixed Martial Arts training at Premier Martial Arts. Martial Arts training builds strength, flexibility, coordination, focus, speed and agility, and improves virtually all of the body’s functions. But what separates it from a boring exercise routines is the educational element: there is always more to learn! Once students get a “taste” of improved self-control over their bodies, really see and feel the power that they have – and what they’ve yet to attain, the desire to go farther is self-perpetuating and very motivating.

The attentive, well-trained Mixed Martial Arts instructors at our school ensure students practice all techniques and combinations correctly. This develops proper “muscle memory” and also helps keep students and their partners safe from serious injury while training. At Premier Martial Arts, class members are treated as individuals, free to advance at a pace particularly suited for each person. Proficiency is not a race!

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