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MMA: Traditional Martial Arts with a New World Approach

Like so many treasured art forms that have developed over the centuries, the martial arts have survived, evolved, and grown in value and popularity. In today’s world, an individual has the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of martial art styles to study and practice. The rise of MMA competitions have also inspired many people to view martial arts like never before: as thrilling spectator sports on par with boxing and other big events. This was not always the case. In the past, most martial arts were primarily centered on self-defense and self-improvement by advancing athleticism and skills through practicing forms, customs, and traditions. The martial arts were viewed as a social activity and cultural art form. It was a way of living rather than a means to become physically fit or protect oneself. While the history of martial arts is certainly fascinating, some would argue that martial arts had to develop a commercial sports industry simply to remain solvent and relevant to the world today.

Traditional approach

Before one can begin to understand how martial arts were viewed through many centuries of study, it is important to understand the value of tradition. Traditions are cultural practices that are taught from generation to generation to instill particular values that relate to a society or a community. Regardless whether one honors cultural traditions, it is certainly a must to respect others who do. The martial arts became a way for the qualities of tradition could be passed on from one generation to the next.

New world approach

Traditional martial arts were not particularly concerned with improvement of the body and the mind. New world martial arts is designed to help individuals in a far more practical way than traditional martial arts. Through constant practice and dedication, students learn to exercise great control over their bodies through rigorous training of practical techniques. In doing so, they will build their bodies to become stronger, faster, and healthier. This is achieved by blending the best and most effective aspects of different martial arts styles into a single set of techniques and combos proven to win fights. Certain styles may focus on speed and focus, while others are more concerned with power. Mixed martial arts combines the finest aspects of all kinds of martial arts practiced across the world, across the centuries, to create today’s toughest warriors.