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Motivating Martial Arts: Excuse-Free Fitness Fun

Here at Premier Martial Arts, we have constructed a fitness program that is sure to get you moving! Are you making excuses to avoid exercise and say you feel too tired to work out? You know it is good for you and you always feel better after, but the “do it anyway” motto isn’t cutting it any more. Under the tutelage of Ron Kuhn, the instructors at Premier Martial Arts have put together a fitness program that is sure to keep you motivated and excited about getting in shape!

One of the many ways to keep yourself motivated to work out is to change it up! First, start by changing your schedule. If you usually exercise in the morning, switch it up and come into the [sitecity] Premier Martial Arts location for our afternoon classes. Confuse your body as much as possible so that it will be forced to work harder than it ever “thought” it could. This can be one of many simple solutions to the problem of feeling too tired to work out.

Sometimes the best cure for sluggishness or fatigue is a vigorous exercise session. Ron Kuhn has developed a fitness routine that is challenging enough for the healthiest person, but easy enough to learn and perform as a beginner. Have you ever noticed how you can walk into your fitness classes exhausted, but after 30 minutes, you feel energized and invigorated? Exercise gets your blood flowing and zaps fatigue. Our classes are designed to be both mentally and physically challenging for everyone. If you need motivation to lure yourself to class, promise yourself a small reward after you finish, like a long, relaxing bath or 20 minutes with your favorite book; just make sure it’s not a hot fudge sundae!

Remember that it is very important for adults to get at least three hours of exercise per week. Visit us at Premier Martial Arts for a fitness program that is sure to breathe new life into your workout routines!