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Reality-Based Self-Defense for Kids

Protecting yourself and your children is not always an easy task in the world today. Since we can’t physically protect them 24/7, it is imperative that we teach them to defend themselves. Children face a wide variety of dangers in society today, from bullies to all kinds of predators. Teaching your children self-defense isn’t just about punching and kicking their way through deadly situations. It has more to do with being confident, alert, and aware in all kins of situations and surroundings.

Basic self-defense tips

  • The first step to teaching your children about self-defense is elevating their self- confidence and self-esteem. Studies have shown that children who exhibit confident body language tend to be bullied or picked on less than children who might seem shy or scared. Good posture, an assertive stance, and a positive outlook provide children with a certain sense of control.
  • Teach your children that it isn’t always necessary to use their fists. Talking in either a humorous or an assertive manner should always be the first approach, especially when dealing with bullies. The fights we win are the ones that never happen. In situations concerning predators or abductors, teach your children to identify safe spots where they can run to and to attract attention by shouting or screaming.
  • Though some might discourage this, there is no doubt that providing your child with a cellphone can be very helpful. Cellphones are convenient and can help your children get in touch with you immediately if they feel threatened.
  • An exit strategy is better than facing a situation head on. Because of their smaller and weaker statures, children are more vulnerable than adults. Theerefore teaching your children to avoid a dangerous situation is better than asking them to confront it. Some situations might be too overwhelming for children to do anything about, so it’s better for them learn how to escape those situations before they take a turn for the worse.

Karate as self-defense

One of the best ways to teach your children about self-defense is to enroll them for
martial arts training such as karate. Apart from teaching children to defend themselves, karate can help them become more confident and disciplined. Karate uses a reality-based defense approach where your children will not just learn to fight but will also learn conflict resolution, self-control, and patience. Karate is a good way to learn more defensive techniques rather than offensive ones so that your children can protect themselves without physically hurting anyone.