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Tai Chi for Health of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Tai Chi Chuan, more commonly referred to in the United States simply as “Tai Chi,” is a popular form of Neijia Chinese Martial Arts that enjoys immense mainstream popularity for several reasons. The Tai Chi classes at Premier Martial Arts teach students self-defense skills and improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Many practitioners appreciate the blending of soft and hard Martial Arts techniques used in Tai Chi demonstrations and competitions.

Training in the Martial Arts style of Tai Chi at our [sitecity] location develops knowledge of five elements – Taolu (hand and weapon fighting forms), Neigong and Qigong (exercises in breathing, movement and meditation), Tuishou (drills), and Sanshou (self-defense techniques). Under the expert guidance of Ron Kuhn, instructors at Premier Martial Arts are experienced in all aspects of Tai Chi training. Depending on a student’s goals for training in Tai Chi, the forms (sequence of moves, directions, etc.) can be modern or traditional slow movement. The modern techniques vary from school to school, but all are essentially based on one of the five classic schools – The Chen, Sun, Wu, Hao, or Yang.

Unlike most Martial Arts disciplines, training in Tai Chi does not require students to wear a set uniform, although they are encouraged to wear flat-soled shoes and light clothing that permits maximum freedom of movement. The study of Tai Chi can be divided into three categories: health, meditation, and the art itself. Come in and study this great Martial Arts style with friendly, attentive, skillful instructors at Premier Martial Arts located conveniently in [sitecity].