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The Value of Failing Correctly


By Sensei Lee Patterson – Premier Martial Arts, MS Psychology

It was nearly the end of class, and I had a mat full of young students and a seating area full of parents. I
was demonstrating a nunchuck strike when, quite out of nowhere, my chuck struck the side of my head with what
felt like the force of a freight train and the sound of a thunderclap. A deep hush fell over the school, both from
students and parents. It was the kind of hush that falls over parents when their toddler bumps their head and falls
over, and everyone is holding their breath to see whether the toddler will go about their business, or begin wailing.Parents and students were waiting to see how I would respond. As the stars cleared from my eyes, I chuckled andsaid “yep. that happened”, we all had a good laugh at my expense, and class went on.

Everyone saw (and I felt) the mistake that I had made, and likewise, everyone saw how I responded to it. I
cannot imagine how things would have shaken out had I gotten all bent out of shape after that thump to the skull,
either by getting all self-conscious or snapping at anyone who laughed. Sadly, all too many times, I have seen
leaders fail incorrectly.

Making mistakes is something that we all do and is just a part of life, but it is exactly how we handle it that
is very important, not only for us, but for those that are following us. We all have those that we lead, in one way or
another, whether it is our students, our subordinates, our children, or so on, and they ARE watching. Will we run
from our failures? Will we try to cover them up, or blame them on others? Will we let them crush us? Or will we
face them honestly, and allow them to help us grow?

I am certain many of you have seen the Karate Kid movies and the Cobra Kai television series (and are
anxiously awaiting the release of the 4th season :). As such, I am sure you know how the King Cobra himself,
Sensei John Kreese, deals with failure. As we watched him choke his star student for committing the crime of
coming in second place, we can’t help but wonder why he would react in such an insane manner. I would posit that
it is a fear of failure; his students had to be the best, because HE had to be the best. We see pieces of John Kreese’s
early life, from kicked-around potwasher, to soldier, to disciple of a commanding officer who treated him like an
enemy if he failed to live up to his expectations. He learned that being a flawed human being was unacceptable,
and if he didn’t want to go back to being the world’s punching bag, he needed to become a man like the CO that had
bullied him. That same mindset he passed to his own disciple, Jonny Lawrence, who grew to be someone a lot like
him (thankfully not exactly like him); a bullied child hiding inside of a man, terrified of showing weakness. Then
Jonny passed that same poison down to Hawk. At least four generations of toxic insecurity. However, we can see
that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Jonny has seen what “we do not accept weakness in this dojo” has
done to the young minds that he was responsible for, and is working hard to change it. For them, and for himself,
there can and SHOULD be mercy.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to do our best at what we do, but also to set the tone of the
environment in which we lead; how we handle failures in ourselves and others is a very big part of that. If we take
full responsibility for ourselves with our heads held high and work through it, it shows that failures happen, that
there is nothing wrong with it, that life goes on afterwards, and that people can fail sometimes and still be
successful. If we choose the other path, as John Kreese did, it creates an environment where mistakes (and the
people who make them) are unacceptable, where open and honest communication is impossible, where asking for
help is a sign of weakness, and where saving face is more important than success.
Failure happens. We can either let it crush us, or motivate us.

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